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What is Golf ?
The easy answer is to say that it's a game with sticks (clubs) and a hard white ball which you knock around a glorious piece of land (golf course) with the object being to get the ball in a hole with the least amount of hits going. Well simplistically that's it but there is far more to it than meets the eye.
Golf is a 'Way of Life' - but what does that mean? Well it means that golf encourages skills that you not only play by but also live by.
Read on for just some of the benefits of Golf:

Well Being
Fit or unfit this healthy outdoor pursuit gives exercise in the fresh air. All ages, male or female – stress free fun with friends and making new ones.

Golf promotes interaction between individuals which develops their interpersonal skills.

What disability? Many able bodied and disabled people have achieved remarkable skills.

Golf’s not for people like me ?
Whether you’re a ‘style icon’ or ‘sensible dresser’ this truly is a sport for everyone.

Many golfers both junior & adults go on to make successful careers within the golf industry.

Personal Traits
Golf teaches skills yes but it also teaches the things that are essential for everyday life such as pride, honesty, integrity and respect.
It promotes high standards of behaviour, in fact  the standards you try to live by.

Isn’t golf difficult ?
With a little practice you’ll be hitting balls easily, anyone can do it !!!

Both Harry Kane (England Football team) & Mike Tindall ( England Rugby Team) are keen golfers.
You may already be involved in another sport but as these sporting celebrities have shown
golf can be played in conjuction with other sports & not instead of.

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